winplan++ online – For Worldwide Use

The web-based communication system winplan++ online is the advanced version of winplan++ classic for use in the Internet. It provides increased transparency and greater planning quality throughout the project:

  • The platform can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a web browser.
  • All project participants have real-time access to new plans, documents and other important project information.
  • All actions carried out in the project room are registered and documented and are therefore fully transparent.
  • Users have the option to search the database by their preferred criteria.
  • At the end of the project, the data can be archived for further local use.

winplan++ online is easy-to-use and intuitive. Thanks to its flexibility, the software is perfectly suitable to be used for any kind of project size.

Main features:

  • Operating-system-independent access to the system via a regular Internet browser; no need for any additional installations (no plugins); "normal" Internet connection is fully adequate
  • Easy-to-understand and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Freely definable project and folder structure
  • Structured storage of plans and documents of all kinds of formats
  • Freely definable plan number schemes (also user-definable plan numbers upon request)
  • Index management including complete version history
  • Transparent and complete registration of any and all operations carried out in the system
  • Role or group approach in order to manage access rights and other permissions
  • Powerful workflow module featuring a freely definable rule-based notification function upon receipt of plans, changes and other actions as well as test runs
  • Notification within the system as well as via emails containing a link to the files
  • Integrated email feature
  • User-specific management of unfinished tasks, including reminder function
  • Integration of reproduction service companies possible
  • Reporting feature including creation of plan, document, workflow, participant and other lists
  • Search feature (Google-like quick search feature and detailed search)
  • Online Viewer offering Redlining feature and comparison of different plan versions
  • Efficient transmission of larger files using batch transmission via Drag & Drop
  • Option to store data for further local use
  • App for iPhones and Android smartphones
  • Additional projects can be managed on the same server

The powerful batch transmission feature enables you to upload large volumes of data via Drag & Drop and process them automatically. Plan numbers are interpreted according to the plan number key and provide information about the author of the plan, plan type, component, content, index, and state. Plans are automatically moved to the right place in the project structure. In addition, you can compress and transfer your data using our free and complimentary FTP-based tool.

Are there any new plans or documents? The relevant participants will be informed by the workflow, either simultaneously or according to a customized process. Depending on the requirements, the process will either occur fully automatically or be triggered interactively by one of the participants.

winplan++ online is a streamlined solution, so you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Simple and flexible project setup
  • Easy to learn by users
  • Low costs per project

Make winplan++ online the standard communication platform in your company. You can use this platform to work concurrently on all of your projects and include all project participants. A new project can be set up with only a few mouse clicks and you can use an existing project as a template for a new construction project.

Who needs winplan++ online?

  • Engineering and planning offices that want to exchange data and information with other offices in a transparent way
  • Project managers who need to keep track of the current planning status
  • General contractors who want to integrate their planning staff and subcontractors
  • Building developers and contracting authorities that want to increase the quality of their planning and use their project data permanently
  • Plotting and reproduction services that want to accept copy jobs via the platform